Graphical manual

Access our logotypes and explore Bravida's visual identity through guidelines, key colours and typography. Download our logotype and read more about our graphical profile, what key colours and typography we are using.

Bravida's colours

Bravidas's main colours are bluegreen and lime green, sometimes used along with complement colours.

Bluegreen: Pantone 308 Lime green: Pantone 397
  CMYK:100-5-0-47   CMYK:11-0-100-11

Bravida's logotype

Below you can access downloads of our logotype. For printing usage the eps-files (high resolution) is recommended. In case of web usage or Office-matters, you may chose the jpg-versions (low resolution) to prevent slow downloads.

Our logotype is available in two versions, with or without our paroll.

High res (eps)

Logotype, colour
Logotyp, colour with payoff
Logotyp, colour aligned

Logotype, inverterted
Logotype, inverterted with payoff
Logotype, inverterted aligned

Logotype, black
Logotype, black with payoff
Logotype, black aligned

Low res (jpeg)

Logotype, colour
Logotype, colour with payoff
Logotype, colour aligned

Logotype, black
Logotyp, black with payoff
Logotyp, black aligned

Our graphical manual

It's highly important that all components of Bravida's visual identity is used correctly. All guidelines for this usage are presented  in our 
graphical manual. The manual is only available in swedish.

Bravida´s grafphical manual


Bravida's visual identity contains two key fonts: Helvetica and Palatino

Helvetica is primarily used in headings, but also in body of copy.

Palatino is a type face used additionaly in booklets or other extended text.